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Athlete License Issuance Procedures

Sport ClubAthlete License Issuance Procedures

The athlete wants to issue a license must apply to our schools with following documents. Required documents and terms are as follows;

  1. Photocopy of identity card,
  2. The Health Report forms, the link below, include the documents ‘‘EK6’’ and ‘‘EK5’’ of the doctor’s report, which must be completed before receiving the health report. In other words, the athlete must complete the ‘‘EK6 Personel Health Information Form’’ before going to get a report and go to the doctor by taking the blank printout in the EK5 Health Report Form and keeping both forms with him/her. EK5 health report will be completed by the doctor.
  3. Parents consent for under 18 years, court decision in case of divorce or a copy of the census population registration form or both of the mother and father to fill in and sign the name-surname part of the parental leave certificate on the athlete’s licence form.
  4. Three passport photos for club license.
  5.  Athlete License Form should be printed in three copies and filled in the same way.
  6. License processing fees and annual club dues (150₺) to be paid to our schools.

After the necessary documents are completed, you can submit your license application to our schools.

EK5 Health Report Form

EK6 Personel Health Information Form

Athlete License Form

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