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SalsaCourseFor Adults

If you want to the music take over me, the dance comes spontaneously and I feel as free as a Dominican, a Cuban, a Puerto Rican, salsa course is the best for you.
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BachataCourseFor Adults

Although their music tells the separation we found love in it .. Experience the indispensable bachata of Latin dances.

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Belly DanceCourseFor Adults

Try belly dancing by learning the techniques. Although it is perceived as one of the most ordinary dances of the oriental dance, the opposite is the most powerful dance. The benefits for the body are so incredible that you can’t believe it.

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TangoCourseFor Adults

“The color of the tango is red. Love, like the color of the rose and the thin gauze that surrounds the woman’s body. It is the most striking meeting of men and women in the world.

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StretchingCourseFor Adults

Stretching courses offer numerous benefits to the participants. It improves the flexibility of our body while working, tightening and strengthening the muscular system. Stretching greatly reduces joint and muscle pain.

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ZumbaCourseFor Adults

If you don’t like to do sports but want to do sports, you want to dance in the way that will affect your body the most and if you want to witness your physical change while dancing, we are waiting for you to our Zumba course programs.

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HipHopCourseFor Adults

Free steps come to life with hard and powerful rhythms. Not only do I say I will dance, but also to listen to rhythm, words, melodies and call for freedom. Decide by experiencing the energy of hiphop dance by joining our practice classes.

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FlamencoCourseFor Adults

‘‘Raks in Andalusia ”, flamenco. Flamenco is another dance that one cannot get enough of watching. Flamenco is so original that it doesn’t need music, but we can’t deny the contribution of insatiable guitar melodies that enter the stage from the background. The sense of sadness you will clearly feel while watching gives the flamenco spirit.

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Contemporary DanceCourseFor Adults

Moderns dance is an interpretation of ballet with an innovative body language. Unlike other forms of dance, which have specific techniques and rules, we can call it a form of total freedom.

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Folk DanceCourseFor Adults

If you are curious about our folkloric richness and Turkish Folk Dance which makes you watch every stage among the world dances, this class is for you.

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SwingCourseFor Adults

We continue to add new class among our lessons. Swing “Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa” classes are coming soon.

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