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AdultsBelly Dance CourseTry with Learn TechniqueMost Popular Course

Let’s get away from the Latin melodies and come to the dance closest to our land, Oriental.

Almost all of us have been in oriental environments, lived, grew up. The oriental has a different place in the life of Turkish people.

Oriental nature has Arabic tunes and exoticism. Costume, technique, melody, oriental environments that can be watched from these features, the city life is also added to the shortage of, oriental become one of the indispensable dance options for women. Oriental, no course necessarily be taken, especially a woman who grew up in Turkey, a dance that can also make their own unique figures. Nobody says you’re doing the wrong belly.

But when the technique is learned, the difference of dance makes the oriental performer feel very special. People dance for themselves but make sense with the audience. The master trainers will teach you the oriental melodies of the music as well as the unique technique of belly dance in a short time. At every step of the course, you will feel another part of your body and your muscles more stronger.

As long as the trainings continue, you will not only become a dancing person, but you will also add an oriental softness to every movement you make. Totally proportional to your ability and feeling of dance.

Although the oriental is perceived as one of the most ordinary dances, the opposite is the dance where the technique is felt most strongly. The benefits for the body are so incredible that you can’t believe it.


The Benefits Of Belly Dance

Belly dance provides an amazing benefit to the skeleton. All muscles that are very difficult to work with at any activity surrounding the spine work through the belly.We all know the positive effect on the abdominal muscles. Another important benefit of the belly is that it is an ideal prenatal exercise through the flexibility it brings to the hip area. This flexibility really brings a great advantage to women who give birth.The continuation of the oriental dance is an important support for the abdominal area to recover rapidly and to return to the old form of the body. The sense of rhythm, relaxation and fun are the other pleasures that all dances and oriental will add to your life.

When Oriental Lessons?

Depending on the intensity of the incoming requests, oriental courses that may occur at different hours and days vary in each branch. Groups can be formed during the daytime hours if there are requests and sessions opened after 18:00 for the employees. Lessons take place 1 hour and 30 minutes a week. You can review our new courses on our website or you can get information by calling our schools.

How Do I Register?

You can get ideas by watching the sessions that have already started in our schools and then you can register for new oriental courses. Courses can be opened with a minimum of 8 people. It is not possible to register for the sessions to be opened by telephone. If you come to our schools and register, the course start date will be more prominent.

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