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AdultsContemporary Dance CourseLeave Your Body Free
Most Popular Course

Unlike other dance forms with unique techniques and rules, Modern Dance, which completely freed the body, emerged in the late 1800s, despite its modern word. Modernization of dance can be expressed as the conversion of music and body into dance through synchronized oscillations. Modern dance does not mean to dance without rules.

Just as modern painting doesn’t consist of random lines and paints. Modern dance breaks patterns but depends on the main sense of dance. The dancers who really do modern dance skillfully create wonders with their own emotions and body possibilities because of their loyalty to this feeling. They dance with their own souls by internalizing this main emotion.

Dance is a discipline. It is a discipline, even without rules. Modern dance performers build their own rules of style and that is what makes modern dance special. A child’s modern dance sometimes better than a professional dancer because he is original, unregulated and sincere.

There are points where modern dance is inspired by ballet, but he interprets these points in an innovative body language. Modern dance is also in favor of creativity in music. Symphonic music takes on a new form with modern dance. In spite of the classic of the ballet, the modern style does not remove the retention.

Modern dance, which we strongly recommend to children and young people, especially in the age of development, helps them to integrate with their non-rule souls and to complete their personal development with the discipline of music. We say again and again that dance is not just a pastime, a hobby or a reason to move, it can become a career stage in direct proportion to one’s desire to develop.

It opens doors and environments that you cannot imagine in the world. It makes the individuals of a very special social community. Particularly the desire of young people to be a part of the whole, which is in great need, finds a very healthy response with dance. That is why we recommend that parents bring their children together with their dance style without delay.

In Mady Dance School’s modern dance workshops, hundreds of students have explored the creative corridors of modern dance. We would like to see you among us, you can always contact us for information about our programs.


When Modern Dance Courses?

Our modern dance classes can be held at various days and times with 1 day, 1 hour and 30 minute lessons per week. In addition to group lessons, it can be formed as private lessons by evaluating the special requests of our students regarding the hours.

How Long Can I Learn?

Our modern dance beginner class course lasts 3 months. Completing the beginner level is enough for you to say I’m dancing. But don’t worry if you are an individual who loves development. All of our courses will continue to intermediate level without waiting.

Take Trial Lessons

You can get an idea by watching the sessions that have already started in our branches and then register for new modern dance courses. Courses can be opened with a minimum of 8 people. It is not possible to register for the sessions to be opened by telephone. If you come to our schools and register, the course start date will advance.

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