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Her YaşaStretching CoursesTighter and More FlexibleShape your Body

Stretching courses offer numerous benefits to the participants. It improves the flexibility of our body while working, tightening and strengthening the muscular system. Stretching greatly reduces joint and muscle pain.

Stretching should be considered a very important health program especially for business people who work continuously at desk and keyboard. We are very unconcerned about making the movements our body needs daily. However, not doing these movements brings many problems from time to time, especially from calcification to varicose. Experts claim that many of the brain functions during old age stem from an inactive life. Stretching is a simple and effective technique that you can apply yourself for all these problems. Just be willing to improve your quality of life and act. Stretching trainings from Mady Dance schools will help you improve your quality of life by providing you with the techniques you need in your daily life.


Benefits Of Stretching Courses

Mady Dance Stretching courses offer numerous benefits to participants. Increases the flexibility of our body, muscle system and strengthens. Stretching greatly reduces joint and muscle pain. Stretching is ideal for posture and movement disorders over time. Mind and body harmony can be achieved through stretching. Stretching is an ideal method of breathing to increase movement limits, remove toxins and accelerate blood circulation. It is also a program that doctors recommend to their patients because it contributes greatly to the treatment of diseases such as scoliosis, flat soles and ingress.

When Stretching Courses?

With Stretching classes, 2 hours a day, 1 hour each, you’ll learn a number of useful exercises that you can simply do when you get up in the morning, at the desk, during a walk or even while standing. Regularly attending stretching courses will make you feel more flexible, healthier and feeling better in an incredibly short period of time. Groups can be formed during the daytime hours if there are requests and sessions opened after 18:00 for the employees.

Take Trial Lessons

Decide by experiencing our introductory course. Contact our team for detailed information on our numerous stretching courses and schedule calendars. Let’s start working together and stretching to improve your quality of life by identifying the most appropriate hours and days for you.

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