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AdultsTango CoursesTwo People, One Body, One Step
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“The color of the tango is red. Love, like the color of the rose and the thin gauze that surrounds the woman’s body. It is the most striking meeting of men and women in the world.

You know every woman can’t do tango? Tango requires leaving the resistance at the door of the dance. It requires you to leave the armor that you are wearing while you are living, working, walking on the road or even breathing and delivering yourself to your partner’s direction. The woman performing the tango is strong, but surrenders to her partner during the dance. He is so strong that he doesn’t need to direct the dance.

It is from Argentina. It’s hard, not easy. It takes time, not during breaks. Tango is not without a partner. A tango with a compatible partner gives you a pleasure of meditation. Yes, there is sexuality where passion exists, but defining tango with pure sexuality would be unfair to the artistic power of dance. Because there is pain and sadness in his soul, there is separation as well as meeting. There is cheating as much as loyalty. Tango is sometimes a love story and sometimes a separation.


When Tango Lessons?

Every year, hundreds of tango enthusiasts meet at Mady Dance halls to capture passion. Some of them aim at a short tasting as a wedding dance, while others aim a long journey as a way of life. As much as you want. Starting tango once will go beyond a course and make you feel very special. Our Tango classes are held one day a week, one hour and 30 minutes. Days and times vary according to the sessions in each schools.

Tango Events

In addition to the lessons, if you want to progress seriously in this field, amateur and professional events, international and national festivals and meetings will make tango enthusiasts come together and have a great time. As Mady Dance School, we are together with our students and professional instructors in these activities and pioneer the realization of many activities.

Take Trial Classes

If you have any questions about Tango, one of the most enjoyable programs of Mady Dance Course, we are just a click away and a phone call away. If you want to perform tango both technically and as a way of life with our master dancers and professional instructors who are passionate about tango, please contact us.

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